Hall of Fame

The Oregon Cooperative Hall of Fame honors individuals for their contributions to Oregon cooperatives. Elected by the membership, Hall of Fame members personify agricultural, cooperative and business leadership.

Class of 1982:

  • Paul Carpenter, Corvallis, OR

    Oregon State University Extension and Marketing Specialist
    Executive Secretary of ACCO for 24 years
    Lobbyist for ACCO for 13 years
    Participated in organization of ACCO in 1921


  • George H. Fullenwider, Carlton, OR

    Jersey dairy farmer
    First dairy inspector for Oregon
    Helped organize Farmers Cooperative Creamery of McMinnville
    Served on State Board of Agriculture
    President, OR Dairy Products Commission
    First President of Willamette Production Credit Association

  • Will W. Henry, Portland, OR

    13 years in vocational agriculture and extension
    Manager of Seattle Milk Producers
    First and 30 year manager of Dairy Cooperative Association

  • Jim Hill, Jr., Pendleton, OR

    Assistant Manager and General Manager, Pendleton Grain Growers for 36 years
    President of Pacific Supply Cooperative for 10 years


  • J.G. "Glen" Hogg, Rickreall, OR

    Helped form Willamette Cherry Growers
    Served as President of Willamette Cherry Growers for 40 years
    Director of Polk County Farmers Co–op
    Director of Salem Electric Cooperative
    Director of Rickreall Water Conservation District

  • J.O. Holt, Eugene, OR

    Helped form Lane County Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
      in 1908–oldest farmers marketing cooperative in Oregon
    Manager of Eugene Fruit Growers from 1908 to 1935
    First President of Northwest Canners Association

  • O.E. Snider, Stayton, OR

    Farmer in Stayton area
    Manager, Stayton Irrigation District
    Helped form West Stayton Packing Company in 1932, later becoming
     Blue Lake Packers and finally Agripac
    Executive VP and General Manager of Stayton Packing and Blue Lake Packers
     from inception to retirement in 1954
    President of Northwest Canners Association in 1946

  • Roy E. Ward, Portland, OR

    Helped organize and become manager of Pacific Wool Growers in 1921
     and served more than 30 years
    Helped organize ACCO in 1921; served on ACCO board
    Helped organize NCFC in 1929; served on NCFC board

Class of 1983:

  • Bob Barker, Hood River, OR

    Controller of Apple Growers Association, now Diamond Fruit for many years
    Served on ACCO board; president 1950–51
    Helped secure enactment of Oregon's cooperative code
    Served on NCFC board

  • P.M. Brandt, Sr., Corvallis, OR

    Head of Dairy Department at Oregon Agricultural College from 1917 until 1956
    Helped organize and counseled dairy cooperatives
    Served on Corvallis City Council and was mayor for several years

  • Arthur Goldsmith, Portland, OR

    Leading cooperative attorney in Portland during 1920's and 30's
    Helped form many Oregon cooperatives and helped them survive beyond infancy

  • Carl Haberlach, Tillamook, OR

    Organized ten small cheese factories into Tillamook County Creamery Association in 1909
    Managed TCCA from 1909 until retirement in 1944

  • Albert Lamb, Lexington, OR

    Manager of Morrow County Grain Growers for 14 years
    Board member and president of ACCO in 1960's

  • Elwin A. McCormack, Eugene, OR

    Director of Eugene Fruit Growers Association for 23 years
    Secretary–manager of Eugene Fruit Growers from 1935–1946
    President of Northwest Food Processors Association
    Director of District Farm Credit Board
    State Representative, 1931–1934
    State Senator, 1935–1937


  • Everett Messerle, Coos Bay, OR

    Lifelong dairy farmer in Coos Bay
    Helped organize Coos Grange Supply in 1937–38
    Member of Board and president several times since formation
    Member of Board and president of Oregon Grange Wholesale
    Member of Board and president of Grange Cooperative Wholesale

  • F.M. "Farmer" Smith, Stayton, OR

    General Manager of Stayton Canning Company (now Norpac)
     from 1944 until retirement in 1974
    Nationally recognized authority in both food processing and co–ops

Class of 1984:

  • Oscar Hagg, Hillsboro, OR

    Diary farmer in Washington County with father and brother Henry
    Director of Oregon Grange Wholesale
    OSU extension dairy marketing specialist for 10 year
    Executive secretary of ACCO for 10 years
    Host of a weekly farm television show for eight years

  • Robert M. "Bob" Kerr, Portland, OR

    Cooperative attorney and senior partner of Tooze, Kerr, Marshall & Shenker
    Co–author of Oregon's cooperative code
    Author of state bar publication "Advising Oregon Business"

Class of 1985:

  • Edward Riddell Lage, Hood River, OR

    Operator of a 300 acre fruit farm, packing plant and storage plant
    A founder and president of Mid–Columbia PCA
    Member & chairman of Spokane District Farm Credit Board
    Member & chairman (1977) of Federal Farm Credit Board
    Served two terms as state representative
    Member of State Board of Agriculture

Class of 1986:

  • Wendell Balsiger, Moro, OR

    Manager of the Moro Grain Growers for 40 years, 1930 to 1970. Later this co–op merged
     with the Grass Valley Grain Growers and is now known as Mid–Columbia Producers

  • Tom Gorman

    General Manager of Wilco Farmers, Mt. Angel, from 1969 until retiring in 1986
    Manager, Donald Farmers Cooperative
    Member of Consolidation Committee that brought five co–ops together into Wilco
    Member, Board of Directors, ACCO for ten years
    President of ACCO 1975–76

Class of 1987:

  • H.S. "Beale" Dixon

    General Manager of Tillamook County Creamery Association from 1951 until his retirement in 1975
    General Manager of Battleground Dairymen's Association for nine years
    Member of the Board, National Milk Producers Association, 12 years

  • Gerson Goldsmith

    Partner in law firm Goldsmith, Siegel, Engel & Littlefield
    Co–author of Oregon's Cooperative Code, ORS Chapter 62
    Recognized authority on cooperative law

  • Lester Peter

    Farmer who spent nearly 40 years serving on cooperative boards
    Elected to original board of Canby Cooperative in 1948
    Member of the Wilco Farmers organizing committee; elected first president of the new cooperative
    Served nine years on Cenex board until his retirement in 1987

Class of 1988:

  • R.H. "Dick" Wilcox

    Executive Secretary, ACCO from 1978 to 1987
    Manager, Gresham Cooperative for 25 years
    Involved in cooperative work since 1935 except for WW II service

Class of 1989:

  • Henry Hagg

    Board, Dairy Cooperative Association for 29 years
    Board, Consolidated Dairy Products
    Helped organize Oregon Dairy Breeders Association (now All–West Select Sires)

  • Walter Smith

    Employee of Stayton Canning Company (now Norpac Foods) for 39 years
    President and General Manager of Stayton Canning for 11 years
    Board Member and Chairman, Northwest Food Processors Association

Class of 1990:

  • Tom Harper

    Board Member, Eugene Fruit Growers (23 years), Agripac (5 years), Farm Credit Bank (16 years)
    Member, Regional Sweet Cherry Commission and United Oregon Horticultural Commission

  • Ed Wyss

    General Manager, Mayflower Farms for13 years
    Board Member and President, OR Feed, Seed, and Suppliers Association
    Board Member, Consolidated Dairy Products Co.

Class of 1991:

  • Arnold Bohnert

    Board Member Grange Co–op Supply, Josephine Growers Co–op
    Board Member Oregon Grange Wholesale
    Prominent grower and cooperative organizer in Southern Oregon

  • Philip M. Brandt, Jr.

    Manager, Willamette PCA (42 years)
    First Farm Credit representative on ACCO Board
    ACCO President, 1979–80

  • Dewey Rand, Jr.

    Publisher of Capital Press newspaper
    Promoted coverage of cooperatives ACCO
    Board Member and Council treasurer
    President 4–H Foundation; President Agribusiness Council

Class of 1992:

  • Don Cook

    General Manager, Pendleton Grain Growers, 21 years
    Worked for PGG for 42 years
    Past chairman, Associated Oregon Industries and SAIF Corp.
    Former ACCO Director

  • Dick Grubbs

    Manager, Eugene Farmers Cooperative, 11 years
    Zone Supervisor, Pacific Supply Cooperative
    Developed bulk fertilizer plant for local farmers

Class of 1993:

  • Bob Nixon

    Board member of Cenex
    Instrumental in securing cooperative education funds for states
    ACCO Board member

  • Pete Sutton

    President, Tillamook County Creamery Association
    Dairy industry leader
    ACCO Board member

Class of 1994:

  • Charlie Lucht

    Board member of Wilco Farmers
    Board member of Norpac Foods
    Chairman of Farm Credit Services
    Founder and member of several other cooperatives

  • Tom Smith

    General Manager of Farmers Oil Cooperative
    President of ACCO

Class of 1995:

  • Art Christiansen

    President and CEO of Norpac Foods
    Board member of CoBank
    Board member of National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
    Food processing industry leader

Class of 1996:

  • Milt Bartholomew

    General Manager of Douglas County Farmers Cooperative
    President and Board member of ACCO

Class of 1997:

  • Andy Anderson

    Executive Vice President of Oregon Farm Bureau Federation
    Active leader in many agricultural issues
    ACCO Board member

  • Myron Fleck

    Chairman of Legal, Tax and Accounting Committee of NCFC
    Cooperative Accountant
    Presenter at ACCO Annual Meetings

  • Allen Moore

    Board member of Hood River Supply Cooperative
    Fruit industry leader

Class of 1998:

  • Larry Mills

    General Manager, Morrow County Grain Growers, 28 years
    ACCO President
    Leader in grain and feed industry

Class of 1999:

  • Alan Obersinner

    Board member and chairman of Wilco Farmers for 25 years
    Board member and chairman of Norpac Foods for 14 years

Class of 2000:

  • W.E. (Ed) Balsiger

    Cooperative career spanning 38 years with North Pacific Grain Growers,
     Harvest States Cooperatives and Pendleton Grain Growers
    Past ACCO President
    Leader in business and agriculture

Class of 2001:

  • Fred Harris

    ACCO Board Member
    Cenex Harvest States Board Member
    Contributor to OSU Cooperative Class

Class of 2002:

  • Harold Schild

    40 year cooperative career with Tillamook County Creamery Association
    President and CEO of TCCA
    ACCO Board Member
    Leader in dairy industry and agriculture

Class of 2003:

  • Steve Burnet

    Served on cooperative boards beginning in 1968
    Chairman of Harvest States Board
    Led merger of Harvest States and Cenex
    Chairman of Cenex Harvest States
    Board after merger ACCO Board Member

Class of 2004:

  • Jerry Butler

    Public Affairs Representative for Norpac Foods
    Actively involved in public policy issues affecting cooperatives

Class of 2005:

  • Jim Hudson

    General Manager, Grange Co–op Supply for 23 years
    Cooperative career spanning 32 years
    ACCO Board Member and two term ACCO president

Class of 2006:

  • Rick Jacobson

    CEO Wilco Farmers and Norpac Foods
    NCFC Board of Directors
    ACCO Board member

  • Len Spesert

    President Hazelnut Growers of Oregon and LF Spesert & Associates
    ACCO Board Member
    Northwest Food Processors Board Member
    Agribusiness Council of Oregon Board Member

Class of 2007:

  • Ron Girardelli

    CEO Diamond Fruit Growers
    Fruit industry leader

Class of 2008:

  • Bob Newtson

    Chair and Board Member, Pendleton Grain Growers
    Board Member, CoBank

Class of 2009:

  • Larry Burt

    Professor, OSU Agriculture & Resource Economics
    Revitalized OSU cooperatives curriculum
    Wrote cooperative text book
    OSU liaison with ACCO

Class of 2010:

  • Larry Brown

    Accountant for PricewaterhousCoopers
    Served variety of agricultural cooperatives
    Member advisory board for Oregon Cherry Growers
    Active member os NSAC and NCFC Legal, Tax & Accounting Comm.


Class of 2011:

  • Kristy Searles

    30 year career with CoBank and Northwest Farm Credit Services
    ACCO Board Member and ACCO Treasurer for almost 20 years

Class of 2012:

  • Vernon Gebhard

    40 year director of Grange Co-op in Central Point
    Leader in growth of cooperative

Class of 2013:

  • John McCulley

    Executive Secretary of ACCO for 27 years and 30 years as lobbyist for the organization.

Class of 2014

  • Manuel Silveira

    31 year career with Norpac
    ACCO board member from 1996-2013; President 2004-2005